Will God Heal Diseases Caused By Sexual Sin?


I was reading your web site with regards to healing and I have a question. I read where someone asked if God would heal a person if that person was sick due to their own sin. But the question concerned a person who did too much exercise. The question I have is will God heal us if we are sick due to sexual sins? And will he heal us of the consequences of those sins that are in our bodies and have NO medical cure?


God doesn’t punish people for their sins with sickness. After all Jesus died so we can be healed (Isaiah 53:4-5). Sexually transmitted disease came into the world through man’s sin, not because God needed a way to punish people for misbehaving. James 5:15 says that prayers for healing offered in faith will make the sick person well, and if he has sinned he will be forgiven. James didn’t list any exceptions to that promise.