How Can We Tell If A Child Is Saved?


I have a question about a person who gets saved at a very young age and then when much older questions if it was true salvation. As a child there was not much change and as a teenager did not grow in the Lord. There was no spiritual growth etc. I guess my question is how can you tell if a young child is really saved? Many adults today, I believe question if they where really saved as a child.


To my knowledge there is no fool proof way for us to tell if another person, young or old, is saved. I say this because salvation is a matter of the heart and we cannot determine what’s really in the heart of another person. And even with adults there can be years between the salvation experience and the manifestation of any outward signs of change. This is why The Bible advises us against judging others (Matt. 7:1-2, 1 Cor. 4:5). My advice to an adult who questions whether he or she was really saved as a child is to suggest they ask the Lord again just to be sure.