Can We Know The Date Of The Rapture?


I recently discovered your site and have been reading more each day. I have a question regarding the rapture. I’ve always thought that it was impossible to know the time of the rapture, beyond knowing the season. Primarily because of the doctrine of imminency and also the scripture about not knowing the day or hour. However, it was pointed out to me that, in the Bible, several of the rapture ‘pictures’ knew the actual timing,…Noah was told the day the rains would come, Lot was told when the cities would be destroyed, the men in Elisha’s village also knew the date of his departure and then there is Amos 3:7 which states that the Lord does nothing w/out telling his people. So, is it possible to know or not?


I don’t think it’ possible for anyone on Earth to know the exact day of the rapture in advance. I believe that we should be aware of its nearness because of the appearance of other end times signs, but I think the rapture will take place when the full number of gentiles has come in (Romans 11:25), not when some specific date arrives. And so far as know it’s impossible to determine both the full number and the current number.