How Can Jesus Not Know the Date of the Rapture?


I know the Trinity are One. How can it be possible, that One Part does not know what the Unity of the Trinity knows? Why then the following?

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Matthew 24:26).

Also, Father God knows everything beforehand – beginning to end. How is it possible that He will not know the day, hour, minute – when the last born-again person will enter His Kingdom, so that the Rapture can take place? Meaning, that the Rapture does have a spesific date and time? Thank you for much time spent in answering everyone’s questions. So much appreciated.


You have two questions here. First question: First of all Jesus never mentioned the rapture. In Matthew 24:26 He was talking about the Second Coming. When Jesus came to earth to save us He had to step out of the Trinity and become fully man. Therefore He could only know what man could know, which included at that time specifics of the day and hour of the Second Coming.

Later when He got back to Heaven and resumed His position, it was all made clear to Him as Revelation 1 explains.

Second question: God does know the end from the beginning. He knows the day and hour the rapture will take place because He knows when the last born again believer will enter His kingdom. The scripture never disputes this. However God has chosen not to reveal this in His Word. Therefore, because no one on earth knows how many born again believers there are (living or dead) and no one knows how many there will be, it’s impossible for us to predict the date of the rapture.