Can We Sin After The Rapture?


Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing wisdom! As I was going to sleep last night I suddenly wondered, can I sin in heaven after the rapture? If we can’t, does that mean our sin nature is tied to our mortal bodies? I just can’t stand the thought of going to heaven and then blowing it.


When Satan rebelled many angels chose to follow him. (Rev. 12:4) Other angels left their assigned order, took on human form and married human women, producing hybrid offspring we call Nephilim. (Gen. 6:1-4) From this we learn that even angels have the freedom to choose their behavior. To me that means we will still have this freedom of choice in our perfected states. However, having been freed from our sin nature, and having first hand knowledge of sin’s awful consequences, I don’t believe we’ll have any desire to sin, but will think of sin as a terrible disease of which we’ve been cured.