Catholics In The Rapture?


I am a born again Christian. I can’t get enough of the Word of God and His saving Grace. I marvel at the articles you have written. I am 74 yrs and have really begun to love our Lord and humble myself before him. My husband passed after 53 years of marriage and during his last years attended the Catholic church as the Priest seem to connect with him. He really didn’t practice the Sacraments or Jesus plus Mary as you indicated. He was a generous man and didn’t consider his works to get him into heaven. He was a baptized Baptist in his youth and I know he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour who died for his sins. Did you mean that Catholics will not be raptured? I know that God considers the heart. So that would mean that Catholics would go to heaven with the right heart condition of God.


In all my writing I’ve been very clear in saying that I believe Catholics who adhere to the simple gospel of salvation by grace alone and reject the additional requirements imposed on them by Catholic doctrine will be taken in the rapture. Those who die before the rapture are with the Lord now, awaiting the Resurrection.