Chaos Or A Normal Life?


My question is about the End Times judgments of Revelation. With all these things going on, will people try to live a normal life or will it be chaos?


Jesus said the End times judgments will be a time of chaos such as the world has never known (Matt. 24:21). When they begin in Rev. 6 they’ll appear to be moderate and will only involve a part of the world, but as they progress things will become more chaotic until if He didn’t put an end to them, not a single human being would survive (Matt. 24:22).

But He also said that most people will be in a state of denial about the fact that the end of the world is coming (Matt. 24:38-41). They’ll be trying to live as normal a life as possible, hoping it will all be over soon and life will return to the way it was before. I think that’s why they’ll mourn when they see the Lord coming on the clouds (Matt. 24:30). It will finally be unmistakably clear that things will never be the same again, and by then it will be too late for them do anything about it.