How Can Life Be Normal?


I’ve read your expositions about Matthew 24, 25 and they make a lot of sense. I think, perhaps, I am missing the emphasis in verse 37 (and Luke 17:28) about the times of Noah and Lot. What was the purpose of Jesus’ comparisons to the time of the coming of the Son of man? If He is saying that when He comes, life will be going on as usual with normal daily activity, I have a difficult time understanding how anything will be going on as normal during the Great Tribulation; with God’s wrath so severe how can people possibly be eating, drinking and marrying at the time of His Second coming?


You’re interpreting these things from the perspective of a believer who has studied the Bible and knows what’s coming. Jesus was talking about unbelievers who haven’t studied and won’t know. Certainly the world will be experiencing some very difficult times, but history will tell them that in the past even the worst wars have ended and then people rebuilt things and life returned to normal.

This is what the Lord was trying to tell us. He said people will be trying to live their lives as best they can while being totally oblivious to what’s really going on. They won’t have a clue that the world as they know it is about to end. This is why all the nations will mourn when they see the signs of His coming (Matt. 24:30). They’ll finally realize the difficult times weren’t temporary this time.