Children And The Rapture


We recently had a discussion with others concerning young children whose parents are Christians and would be taken at the Rapture. The question arose as to whether the children – quite young, would go to heaven by the Rapture or would they be left on this earth to go thru the tribulation.

John 3:16 says “Whosoever believeth..” but the problem is young children may not fully understand what that means. Can you give us some scriptural light on this?


Many evangelical teachers, myself included, believe that at the Rapture all children including those still in the womb will be taken regardless of the spiritual condition of their parents.

This comes from Paul’s statement that once he was alive apart from the Law and then when He came under the law sin sprang to life and he died. (Romans 7:9) I believe he was saying that he had eternal life as a child, but when he reached the age of accountability he became responsible for his sins and needed a Savior.

To me this means that God does not hold children accountable for their sins and considers them qualified for the Rapture.