Choose One Or The Other


My father has been extremely ill. He has been at the hospital for more then 3 weeks, in a CCU unit. At this point in time, the doctors and nurses have little hope for him. I have been praying a lot this week to lord Shiva (A supreme god of destruction and rejuvenation) to heal my father and bestow a miracle to him. I also have Jesus in my life, and he has blessed my life numerous times before, and now I am praying to both of these gods. What can I do to make sure god hears my prayers, so that he may heal and watch over my father?



Isaiah 42:8 says, “I am the Lord, that is my name. I will not give my glory to another or share my praise with idols.” And Isaiah 46:9 says, “I am God and there is no other. I am God and there is none like me.”

James 1:7-8 says a man who doubts should not think he will receive anything from the Lord because he is a double minded man. Therefore if you’re praying to both Jesus and another “god” these verses say you should not expect anything.

Elijah told the Israelites they could not waver between two opinions (1 Kings 18:21). That’s still true. You can’t believe in Jesus and something else too. You have to choose one or the other. I recommend Jesus. The evidence in His favor is overwhelming.