Christian Duty Vs. Modern Medicine


You have been good to answer so many of my questions. I have been involved with a kind man who has been renting a cabin on my land. Of late he has lost his job due to his boss dying. His mental state has been very odd and he seems to have delusions as to some things that happened in the military. How does God want us to deal with this kind of thing?

How do we compare our Christian duty with modern medical psychotherapy structures? Didn’t Jesus heal minds? Why would God put a man in this condition? My friend says he wants to be healed, and he has confessed Christ. Please help me understand.


God does not make people sick, whether physically or mentally. After all He died so we could be healed (Isaiah 53:4-5). All physical and mental disorders are caused by the presence of sin in the world. Ultimately Satan is responsible for your friend’s condition.

I don’t see anything wrong with pursuing whatever kind of help you can get, as long as you remember that it’s the Lord who heals us whether through prayer or the medical profession. My advice is to pray as if only prayer can help and also seek medical assistance as the Lord leads you. A study of James 5:13-16 can help you get the Lord’s perspective.