Modern Nephilim. Follow Up


Re: Modern Nephilim. Do you think Nephilim are walking the earth now? If so where and what makes you think so? I’m just not very well educated on the subject but would like to know more.


There are some who believe that aliens and their UFO’s are indications that modern day Nephilim are among us and will form the extra-terrestrial forces of the anti-Christ. They use Matt. 24:37 (as it was in the days of Noah) to suggest that since there were Nephilim on the Earth in Noah’s time we should expect Nephilim in our time. But the context of Matt. 24:37, the Lord was saying that just as people in Noah’s time didn’t heed the warning of coming judgment and were surprised by the flood, so it will be at the time of the 2nd Coming when people will not have heeded the warning of judgment in our time and will be surprised by His return.

Nephilim advocates also say the wording in the King James translation of Daniel 2:43 suggests that non humans will mingle with humans to form a hybrid race in the time of the revived Roman Empire.

I think the presence of modern day Nephilim during Daniel’s 70th Week is possible, but the Biblical support for this view is tenuous at best.