Modern Nephilim


I have been reading your articles about Nephilim as part of my research for a series I am developing. I am aware of what they are but I was wondering if, according to your interpretation, it would be possible for a Nephilim not to be evil but use their superhuman/supernatural abilities to serve humanity? My plot line deals with the nephilim walking among us in the modern day world and I would like to keep their nature somewhat close to what scriptures dictate. Any information you could give would be very helpful.


The Nephilim were a primary cause of the pre-flood world becoming so evil that it had to be destroyed. According to non-Biblical writings they did introduce knowledge and abilities that were thought to be great advancements in their time (Genesis 6:4 simply calls them men of renown) but all of it was used to draw men away from God. And far from serving mankind, the result of their presence was the destruction of mankind.

I don’t think a story line that portrays them in a positive light is consistent with what we know about them, unless you show that those who do view them this way are the lost of our time who are also doomed to destruction, just like their pre-flood counterparts.