Coming Temple


Your writings are one of the best I’ve ever had to the pleasure to read and teach. I have a question about the “Tribulation Temple:” Will it be destroyed in Armageddon? You have said in your writings that Christ will return and rebuild the Temple and we know His return is to put an end to that battle, ending the tribulation.


I don’t believe the so-called Tribulation Temple will be destroyed at all, but will be cleansed for use in the Millennium. The reason I say this is explained in my article entitled “The Coming Temple.”

Here’s a link: The Coming Temple

The idea that the Lord will return and build the Temple comes from Acts 15:16 and doesn’t mean to imply that He will do the work Himself, or that He’ll wait till after He comes, but only that He’ll have it done, just as He has with the other Temples, once He’s finished with the Church. The coming Temple will be built sometime early in Daniel’s 70th week.