Comparing Romans 8:32 And Ephesians 1:3


Are Romans 8:32 and Eph 1:3 related in that the latter explains the former? What else could be meant by all things if they are not spiritual in nature. There are many believers who have little or nothing material, I am wondering if this is the correct interpretation.


I think you’re interpreting this through human eyes, assuming that someone without much in the way of material possessions is not being blessed by God. In Romans 8:32 Paul was saying if God didn’t refuse to give us His own Son when we needed Him, what would He refuse to give us? So if all of a person’s needs are met wouldn’t Romans 8:32 be true for him?

James said we don’t have because we don’t ask, and when we do ask we don’t receive because of wrong motives (James 4:2-3). It seems like that would make any lack of things we need our responsibility, not God’s.

Also, Romans 8:32 says, “all things” while Ephes. 1:3 says, “every spiritual blessing”. To me these are two different matters.