Concerned About Eternity


Will we do creative things in eternity like art and building things or something we enjoyed from earth or will all of that cease to exist forever with us having no memory or desire of it? I can’t stand the notion of all things being absorbed or losing the ability to be creative. That is a crappy view of eternity and for that reason I don’t have hardly any belief at all. I believe creative endeavors and desires continue.


It’s a terrible mistake to develop an opinion of our next life based on such incorrect assumptions. This is especially so when your opinion results in you having “hardly any belief at all.” It sounds like you haven’t done any study of your own but have relied on people who don’t know what they’re talking about to inform you. This is a great example of letting the devil steal your joy.

It never fails to amaze me when I receive a comment like this, and I’ve had several. I had one person write to say that if called upon to do so, he would choose to spend eternity in hell rather than sacrifice a single lamb for God. (He won’t have to.) And another said if she couldn’t take her pets with her in the rapture then she wasn’t going. I don’t know how people who profess to be Christians can think that God, who gave His life to set us free from bondage, would make our next life even worse than this one. They obviously haven’t taken the time to learn much about Him.

This life is the one where everything has been stifled. The next life is when all the potential with which we have been created will be set free. We have no idea what we’ll be capable of when we’ve been freed from our sin nature. But whatever it is, it will be so much better than life is here that it’s beyond our current ability to even imagine (1 Cor. 2:9).