Concerned About My Husband


I’m quite concerned for my husbands personal relationship with The Lord he says he’s a Christian and he believes in The Lord and he’s never given up but at times it seems he is so far off the rails I understand he’s been hurt in churches by others and he’s been thru tough times I find it hard to discern if he’s saved or not ( times he’s blamed God for things) what do I do in this situation because we have children and my deep desire is that they grow up in a Christian home please pray for us that my husband will come back to The Lord if he has strayed.


Of course we’ll pray for your husband, but why don’t you just have a direct conversation with him, alerting him to your concerns. You may find out that your fears are not justified, and you will at least know how to pray for him.

Remember, if he was ever saved, your husband is forever saved (Ephesians 1:13-14). Even if he’s having a hard time and appears to have strayed, the Lord has promised not to lose him (John 6:39) and will bring him back as a shepherd brings back a sheep who has strayed (Luke 15:3-6).