Confessing Our Sins


I have read your teachings on union & fellowship with the Lord when it comes to confessing our sins. I am a born again believer and I am secure in my salvation.

When we confess our sins to the Lord does he acknowledge it if I ask Him to forgive me for “all of my sins” up to this point daily or is important to Him that we confess each “individual” sin before we can be back in fellowship with Him?

I guess what I’m asking is a “blanket confession” (all inclusive) acceptable to the Lord or does He require us to be specific?


In Psalm 19 David revealed that humans are incapable of admitting all their sins. He asked the Lord to forgive his hidden faults, sins he wasn’t aware of, and to keep him from willful sin as well. Only this would make him blameless. (Psalm 19:12-13)

Obviously, acknowledging the specific sins we’ve committed confirms that we know we’re sinners, and in that sense, it’s good for us to do so. But the Lord reads the intent of our heart and when we sincerely ask Him to forgive all of our sins, He knows what we mean. He’s already aware of them and doesn’t require us to document every single one.