Confession And Forgiveness


I want to make a comment on your answer to Pre-Marital Sex. You seldom use the word repent in your answers. If this couple does not repent from their fornication it is unconfessed sin. Turning from their sin is what they need to do, repent of it before they marry. 1 John 1:9. Today, repentance seems to be a thing of the past & not used enough. It is an integral part of our walk with Jesus.


According to the meaning of the Greek word translated “repent” in the New Testament (which is to change one’s mind) when we admit we’re sinners in need of a Savior, believe Jesus died for our sins, and ask Him to be our Savior, we’ve already repented.

1 John 1:9 speaks only of confession and forgiveness because John knew he was writing to believers, people who had already repented. He was instructing us to make confession and forgiveness an integral part of our walk with Jesus.