Pre-Marital Sex


A dear friend and I have become intimate. She & I are senior citizens, both of us are widows, and both of us have a strong faith in God. Is it considered pre-marital sex for us and therefor a sin for us ?? I have been very troubled by this and need an answer. I know what you say about OSAS.


Pre-marital sex is basically sex with a person one is not married to. It doesn’t matter if one or both parties have been married before or not. If you are not married to the person you’re having sex with, it’s pre-marital sex.

From God’s perspective the real covenant of marriage is represented by the sexual union of the partners because it’s then that the two become one (Genesis 2:24). Like other sins sexual sins can be forgiven, but the way most pleasing to God requires that the two of you either stop having sex or stop being unmarried.