Will Having Sex Keep Me From The Rapture?


I believe that I’m born again and that Jesus is my savior. I have no doubts about me going in the rapture, except one. I have a sexual relationship with my boyfriend (obviously we aren’t married) and every time we are intimate, I start having doubts about whether or not I will be saved. I’ve read so many times in the Bible that the sexually immoral will never see the kingdom of heaven, and that scares me. Will my relationship with my boyfriend prevent me from going to heaven (in the rapture)? What should I do?


If you’re born again, having sex with your boyfriend won’t keep you from going in the rapture. Our salvation is based on belief, not behavior. And if you’re born again you shouldn’t have doubts about whether you will be saved because you already saved (Ephes. 1:13-14)

Having said that, pre-marital sex is a sin (1 Cor. 6:18-20) and what you’re feeling is the conviction of the Holy Spirit prompting you to confess your sins and stop doing something that grieves Him (Ephes. 4:30). If you can’t get married right now then talk to your boyfriend about waiting till you can. If he’s a believer the same things apply to him and he should respect you enough to understand. If he’s not then you shouldn’t be so seriously involved with him in the first place.