Will My Medication Keep Me Out Of The Rapture?


I have Parkinson’s disease in an advanced stage.Some of the symptoms are fear and anxiety attacks as well as severe pain. Although I pray regularly to the Lord for relief and many friends do too I still do not have the peace in my heart that I so long for. Also, I have the nagging feeling that I will be left behind at the Rapture even if I have asked the Lord to be my Savior because the Bible defines” pharmacy” as evil, according to the original Greek, I believe. Some of the medication I take for relief can also be classified as drugs. During the times of severe depression I feel the Lord will not want someone like me in His presence.


In the first place, if you are born again you will be taken in the rapture. Period. You will be instantaneously transformed from imperfect to perfect and no part of your imperfect earthly self will arrive in the presence of the Lord with you. That means no more Parkinson’s, or depression, or any other ailment, ever.

The Greek word “pharmakea” From Rev. 9:21 can mean “the use or administration of drugs”, but English translators invariably use words like “sorceries, magic arts, enchantments, or witchcraft” in translating it. These words are all included in the metaphorical meaning of pharmakea and are things which God calls sin, because they involve using the powers of the evil one.

Your Parkinson’s medication will not keep you out of the rapture.