Confirming God’s Answers


I have yet another question. And to keep it short and simple, who is right when two (or more) Christians disagree about something and everybody is using and/or saying “I’ve prayed about it, God confirmed it, etc.”. Or better yet, what did the disciples/apostles do when they disagreed. And the ironic thing is, is in my case it’s typically church leadership disagreeing with a “mere” laymen church goer.


God normally confirms things through the testimony of 2 independent witnesses. It’s an application of Deut. 19:15, and it means that 2 people who have no way of knowing that you have posed a question to God have come to you independently of each other with the same answer. It’s like having 2 witnesses in a court of law.

Since God is not arbitrary and cannot lie, if two witnesses don’t agree that tells you there has been no confirmation. One or both are either mistaken or are making a false claim in the name of the Lord.