Confrontation With Syria?


From the Israeli side there are some that are able to see that indeed Israel will have to attack Syria with some extreme right-wing Zionists insisting that the sooner this is done the better.

Efraim Inbar, for example, an Israeli academic with neoconservative connections in the US and who advises the Israeli government, told “I advocate attacking Syria – to some extent we are wasting ammunition in Lebanon.” When asked if the peace process is now dead he replied, “Forget about it, it’s over.” Whether or not Inbar was privy to the Israeli government’s long term plans to attack Lebanon is not known, though, had he had any input to such planning, he would clearly have advocated taking on Syria as well or attacking Syria directly.


Each day seems to be bringing us closer to a confrontation with Syria, although the pounding Israel’s giving Lebanon may give them second thoughts. August 3rd’s a Day of Infamy for Israel (the 9th of Av) so it might cause some to think it’s a good day for a surprise attack, and August 22 is the anniversary of a day when Mohammed spoke of a great light over Jerusalem. Some think Iran might commemorate that day with a missile attack on Jerusalem because they’ve refused to answer the UN ultimatum until then. To Paraphrase Yogi Berra, this won’t be over till it’s over.