Syria Threatens Tel Aviv


I read in DEBKAfile where Pres. Assad has threatened to flatten Tel Aviv if Turkey or NATO try to intervene in his efforts to put down the rebellion in Syria. Apparently Hezbollah and Iran have agreed to help. How does this fit into the End Times Scenario?


I read the same article. Syria doesn’t want to be the next Libya. I’ve also learned that Israel has promised to destroy both Lebanon and Damascus if even one missile lands in Tel Aviv. I believe it’s likely that the battles of Psalm 83, which includes Lebanon, and Isaiah 17 which foretells of the destruction of Damascus, will happen at the same time. Something like this would be an obvious trigger for the fulfillment of both prophecies.

Threats like this seem to surface nearly every year about this time, usually involving Syria and/or Lebanon, but this is the worst case yet. So far cooler heads have prevailed, but sooner or later someone will go too far and the whole Middle East will light up. When the dust settles, all of Israel’s next door neighbors will have been defeated, the Palestinian issue will have gone away for good and Israel will still be standing, larger and more powerful than before.