Confused About Communion?


According to a DVD I just saw, the Lord’s Supper was meant solely for healing and we really should be taking it every day (as often as you do this) and even more if our affliction, be it health, finances, marriage, or whatever, is ongoing. I always thought that 1 Cor. 11:25 (this do in remembrance of me) was just that; to remember what our Lord and Savior did for us on the cross. But evidently there is so much more; especially in the taking of the “elements”. According to this study, the bread is just bread, and the wine is just wine until we ingest it, at which point they become Christ himself. Have I been confused in my understanding?.


You are not confused, but it certainly appears to me as if the minister who made this DVD is. The Lord’s supper was given as a memorial of what the Lord has done for us, not as a healing ceremony. James 5:14-16 gives us the proper way to ask for healing. The phrase “as often as you do this” simply means that every time we take communion we are to do so in remembrance of the Lord’s death (1 Cor 11:25). While the bread and wine are meant to symbolize the body and blood of Jesus, the conversion of these elements into Christ Himself is not Biblical but has apparently been borrowed from the Catholic tradition called transubstantiation.

The idea that the communion service is some kind of a special ceremony to bring forth health, prosperity, and marital bliss cannot be supported in Scripture, and in my opinion is a misuse of its purpose.