Confused About The New Jerusalem


I`m still confused about the New Jerusalem (John 14 and Rev 21). In one of your answers you indicated at the rapture we would go directly to the New Jerusalem. In another answer you indicated the New Jerusalem would come into play after the 2nd coming. Personally, my belief is John saw the New Jerusalem coming down after the 2nd coming and we would at that time occupy it. What say you?


Lots of people are confused about this, so let me try to clarify it. I believe that at the rapture the Church will go directly to the New Jerusalem in Heaven and remain there through out the last seven years before the 2nd Coming. I believe the New Jerusalem is the place in His Father’s House Jesus was referring to in John 14:2-3 . Then after the 2nd Coming the New Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven with us in it (Rev. 21:2).

In Rev. 21:9 we get confirmation of this. An angel offered to take John to see the bride, the wife of the Lamb and took Him to the New Jerusalem. According to Paul, the Church is the bride (2 Cor. 11:2). Jesus didn’t marry the city, He married the people who will dwell in the city.