Confused About The Millennium


I get very confused regarding the millennium, heaven, who goes where and what happens after the 1000 years. Let’s just take me for example: As a true believer, I will be raptured shortly. I will go from my kitchen to heaven. Will I stay in heaven for 1000 years? Will I be able to communicate with people living here on this earth during that time? (my family members may get left behind, yet make it through the tribulation as believers and be on earth, while I am in heaven)

Will Jesus be walking among both the people on earth and in heaven? And after the 1000 years, will we then all be together? What happens to the souls of the people who live through the trib, and then die during the 1000 years on earth? Why is this so confusing? Is there a reason that the bible is such a riddle and the answers so obscure?


According to my understanding, raptured believers will go to Heaven where we will take up residence in the New Jerusalem. There will be no contact with Earth during the time between the Rapture and the 2nd Coming, but during the Millennium visitation to Earth will be possible. Jesus will be prominent both on Earth and in the New Jerusalem during the Millennium.

The Bible doesn’t give us any detail on Millennial believers. It doesn’t mention how many Millennial offspring will be saved or what will happen to Millennial believers who die during the 1000 years. It only says that at the end of the Millennium a force too big to number will join Satan in a final attack on God and His people. They’ll immediately be destroyed.

The Bible is also silent about what happens after the Millennium. This is to be expected since it was only written to address the age of man. Much of the confusion surrounding the Bible is due to man’s failure to understand the Bible’s “limited” scope in terms of time. It only covers the 7000 year span of time from the creation to the end of the Millennium