Confusion About The Jews


I think there is a great deal of confusion on this subject of the Jews. It is my understanding that since the Jews didn’t accept Jesus, Salvation went to the Gentiles. The Bible says they were Spiritually Blinded, so they rejected Jesus. Now, after the Gentiles get the full number of people saved (the number God wants) Salvation will come to the Jews through revelation that Jesus is the Christ. (I don’t know if you agree with all this).

Anyway, I understand the 144,000 Jews will be the witnesses after the rapture. Well, my question is what about the Jews who died already? Say Just yesterday? They didn’t accept Jesus, and Jesus said he is the only way in John 14:6. Jesus also said, you are for or against me. Are they “Not guilty” of rejecting Christ because they were blinded by God?

Also I read things like Gal 3, says there is no more Jew or Gentile, man or women, all one in Christ. And also that Gal 3:10, those under the law, are under a curse. When Jesus called the temples “My fathers house”, but a while later, he called it “Your house” to the Jews.

I understand in the Old Testament, people were saved by faith. But are Jews holy enough to be saved by God directly? Jesus said no man comes to the father except through him.


Your view is basically sound, although even after the blinders come off Jews will still have to make personal commitments to the Lord, just like everyone else. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) Those who die without having asked the Lord to forgive them and be their savior, be they Jew or Gentile, are eternally lost.

The Bible does say the Jews are Spiritually blinded. But the blinding came as a result of their rejection, not the other way around (Luke 19:42-44) and does not relieve them of responsibility.

When Paul wrote that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, he was speaking to the Church in Galatia about their status as believers. Though they might have been Jews or Gentiles before, once they accepted the Lord as their savior they became part of the church and from that point forward are neither Jew nor Gentile but one in Christ.

No one is or ever has been holy enough to be saved directly. That’s why the Lord had to die for us. Those from Old Testament times believed that it would happen in their future as we believe it happened in our past.