Confusion About The Trinity


I see that you agree that in the Bible Jesus and the father are one and the same. So God is a jealous God , right? So am I worshiping two Gods, because I believe Jesus is God? In church I pray to him, talk to him, sing to him, etc. I am very afraid of this. So in heaven are there two, is Jesus sitting at the right hand of God? I am very confused. God said you shall serve no other God than the Lord thy God. In Rev. Jesus said I am (that is what God called himself I AM ) the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. See how this can be so confusing? I would love to hear your view on this. I respect your answers.


You’re not alone in this. No one really understands the Trinity as the concept of one God in three persons is known. All three are God, all three are one, and yet they are all different. There is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the only name by which God has chosen to be known to us (Phil 2:9-10) so when you’re worshiping Him you’re worshiping God. He Himself said that when you’ve seen Him, you’ve seen the Father. (John 14:9) But when He became a man it was forever and so He can both sit at the right hand of God as a physical being and be one with Him as a spiritual being at the same time.

Notice how in Rev. 1:8 God the Father called Himself the Alpha and Omega and in Rev. 22:13 Jesus called Himself the Alpha and Omega? Though separate, they are one.