Covenant Of Salt


Can you tell me any thing about the Salt covenant? Was there a reason for/ or a lesson in Lot’s wife being turned into a pillar of salt? I can’t find much about it that I understand. No one seems to know about it. Look forward to your articles on the Bible. I learn much from them.


A covenant of salt was a permanent covenant. It was irrevocable. The establishment of the priesthood and the Davidic line of Kings from David through Jesus are considered salt covenants.

Salt is permanent. Lot’s wife was not changed temporarily, but forever, to teach us that our love for this world will prevent us from entering the Kingdom.

The church is described as salt in Matt. 5:16. As salt is a preservative that retards spoilage, so the Church keeps the world from being completely spoiled. This gives us a clue to the identity of the restrainer being removed from Earth before the Great Tribulation. As soon as the Holy Spirit, resident in the Church, is taken out of the way, the anti-Christ is released to do his worst on Earth. (2 Thes. 2:7).