Creation And Evolution


I was wondering what you make of the recent discovery of a 3000 year old skull? The scientists believe that this was one of the first types of ‘ape-child’, and is an important discovery in evidence of the Theory of Evolution.

Some time ago I read an article by a Christian writer that said the discovery of the ‘genetic code’ would prove once and for all that genes are not able to mutate to such an extent, that a complete new species would be formed – thus disproving the theory of evolution. Which is it?

I would be grateful for your comments.


To be honest, I don’t follow the news about this kind of discovery any more. My studies have convinced me that the Bible’s creation account is true and that man is hopelessly confused about our origins. Most “scientists” appear to be more interested in proving the Bible wrong than in discovering the truth, and many creationists seem to be likewise distracted, focused primarily on disproving evolution.

God was the only witness to the Creation, and He told us how it happened. I’ve staked my eternal destiny on the belief that He’s not a liar. In my opinion, The Theory of Evolution wasn’t even considered probable by its founders, who were more motivated by politics than science. My hunch is that Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are ardent creationists today, although uncomfortably so.