Creationism And Evolution


How does one reconcile the arguments of creationism vs. evolution? I hold fast to the belief that God created man, but, with overwhelming proof of the concept of evolving is there any proof outside faith that at some point God made man as he is today and in doing so broke from the predecessor “cave man” etc. Is there a blending of the two concepts that is acceptable to the Christian faith?


Sorry, there is no blending of creationism and evolution that’s acceptable to Bible believing Christians. And where is the “overwhelming proof of the concept of evolving” that you speak of? Many leading scientists, both believers and non-believers, have denounced the theory of evolution as being unproven by observation. True, there have been noticeable “improvements” in various species over time. But never has one species “evolved” into another.

If you don’t believe that God created you the way He said He did, how can you believe that He’ll save you the way He said He will?