Damascus Destroyed As A Pretext For War?


There’s so much going on in the Middle East and Syria is moving all important documents out of Damascus- which is interesting to me. I wonder if the destruction of Damascus will be a set-up. What I mean is this- right now so many countries are trying to pin any sort of confrontation on Israel before it even happens. Iran is trying to cover it’s moves by diverting attention anywhere but on itself. Russia doesn’t want the US to interfere with it’s plans to be better partners with dangerous countries. Syria says that it believes Israel is planning an attack on Damascus- and you know if it happens all fingers will be pointing at Israel. Then all the other mideast countries will be “fighting for/with” Syria against the “Zionists”… what if the attack were done by another country, but all the evidence was looked over because they want war? Is that Biblically possible or does the Bible make it clear how Damascus will be destroyed?


Since both Israel and Damascus seem to suffer loss in the fulfillment of this prophecy, most scholars assume that Israel is the force that brings destruction to Damascus. But Isaiah made no clear statement to that effect, so I suppose that someone else could be the culprit. The question is, who would do it?

By the way, Syria has just recalled all of its citizens from Lebanon. They have to leave by July 15 at which time Syria expects the crisis in Lebanon to turn violent again.