Daniel 2 And The EU


I showed a friend your article Seven Major Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming, but he’s not convinced the part about the statues legs referring to the current day EU (Daniel 2:36-45). I know it’s roots are Rome, but I’m not sure how to put a solid case to him about it. He says we shouldn’t be so quick to be impressed by a passage so vague that it was inevitably going to apply to countless examples of inter country diplomacy over the ages.

How do we know for sure that the statue passage in Daniel is referring to the EU when talking about the legs?


Obviously the Bible doesn’t name the EU by name, and the study of prophecy involves perspective more than detail. In other words, you can’t just look at one verse or passage, you have to look at all of them in comparison to current events. What Daniel’s prophecy says is that in the times of the end a version of the 4th Kingdom, that history identifies as the Roman Empire, will emerge again. Certainly what your friend says about history is true, but has he taken other end times signs such as the re-birth of Israel and the reunification of Jerusalem into consideration as well? This is why the article covers 7 major signs, all being present.

(I recently read an article that gave 50 reasons why we’re in the End Times, citing conditions in today’s world that the Bible predicted. You could find one or even some during many periods of history, but all 50 at once? Not until now.)

In my article I said that people who had seen Daniel 2 as a prophecy of the EU are beginning to remember that the statue had two legs, representing the eastern and western divisions of the Roman Empire. The EU occupies the region of the western division and is coming on the scene at the right time to fulfill the prophecy. But the Moslem countries of the Middle East occupy the territory of the Eastern leg and are emerging at the right time as well.

If both legs are re-emerging it could be an even clearer sign that we’re nearing the end, although even that happened before with Europe and the Ottoman Empire before WW1. But when you add the fact that this time you also have Israel’s rebirth, Jerusalem’s reunification, a military relationship between Iran and Russia involving nuclear power, the change in Iraq’s status, movements toward a world government and religion, etc, etc, and it begins to add up to the fact that we’re in the time of the statue prophecy’s fulfillment.