Dead To The Law


I have been studying Romans 7 and understand it to mean that “The LAW” was the wife of man, and until it died we were bound by it. Now that it is dead we are able to become brides of Christ and if we try to live in both we are in a form of spiritual adultery. I have two parts to my inquiry;
1. Am i correctly understanding this teaching?
2. Are we actually bound until death to our first spouse, and committing adultery by remarrying?


In Romans 7:1-6 Paul was using the marriage covenant as an example to illustrate a person’s obligations under the law. Just as the woman is bound to her husband, so are unbelievers bound to the Law.

When the woman’s husband died she was no longer bound to him and could marry again. When a person is born again it’s as if the old person has died and a new person has been born (2 Cor. 5:17). This new person is no longer bound to the law and now belongs to Christ.

This example can be confusing because in the first case the husband died to end the woman’s obligations to the marriage covenant. But in the second case we’re the ones who “die” to end our obligations to the Law.

As for part 2 of your question, according to the Lord’s own words, a person who divorces his wife for any other reason than marital unfaithfulness and marries another woman commits adultery (Matt. 19:9).