Denominational Differences


I hope this question is not too complicated to answer, but I’ve noticed that, in general, non-charismatic fellowships believe in OSAS, and that charismatic fellowships don’t. I confess that I may simply have arrived at a wrong conclusion, but if I haven’t, any idea how or why this came to be?


Most major denominations have their unique doctrinal perspectives. It’s what caused them to form in the beginning. A group breaks away from its denomination over a doctrinal difference and grows to become a denomination of its own. Then it offers seminary training to would be pastors and teaches them its doctrinal position. The pastors graduate and teach it to their congregations, and within a single generation millions of people can become indoctrinated. They often believe their position is the only acceptable one, not because of their independent study, or the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but because that’s what they’ve been told. They don’t call us sheep for nothing.