Class Differences In Heaven?


I was just reading one of your answers where the writer was concerned about class differences in heaven based on our works for the Kingdom after we are saved. It brought to mind the parable Jesus taught about the workers who were hired late in the afternoon receiving the same wage as those who went to work early in the morning. The early birds complained, but the owner of the field said it was his field and his money, and he could pay whatever he wished to whomever he wished. It seems to me that this teaches that the Blessed will not make individual comparisons regarding who gets the most rewards in the Kingdom or in Eternity. What do you think?


The Parable of the Workers In The Vineyard (Matt. 20:1-16) is actually about the fact that no matter when in our lives we accept the Lord’s pardon for our sins, we get the same package of benefits as everyone else. Those who have a lifetime of religious work will find themselves no more completely saved than those who confessed with their dying breath. This is because it’s our faith that saves us, not our work.

Even so, you’re right in saying that none of us will feel any envy, jealousy or animosity toward another believer. These are emotions of the sin nature from which we’ll have been freed in the resurrection/rapture.