Class Division In The Millennium


I was thinking about the millennium the other day and the way I see it,during Christ’s 1000 year reign,there will be two distinct classes on the earth. Those who were raptured and returned to rule with Christ, with perfect bodies that never get old,tired,or sick. And the tribulation survivors and their descendants, who still have all the maladies of a human body. Do you think this sort of class division will be used by the devil to cause the great rebellion at the battle of Armageddon?


While Raptured believers will no doubt visit Earth, our home will be in the New Jerusalem which will come to rest in the vicinity of Earth but won’t actually by located on it. At 1400 miles tall, wide, and deep it’s simply too big. If located in Europe it would extend from Sweden to Italy, or if in the US it would cover half the country. Currently the tallest building on Earth is about 1800 ft. but the New Jerusalem will be 1400 miles tall. I think of it as more of a low orbit satellite. The class division on Earth will exist between believers and unbelievers, just as it does now.

By the way, the Battle of Armageddon takes place before the 1000 year reign begins, not at its end.