Describing The 2nd Coming


Could you please explain Matt. 24:28? I was once taught that the carcasses were the spiritually dead (non-born again believers) that the vultures come after. However, knowing now that Mt. 24 has nothing to do with the Church and everything to do with the Jews, I was wondering if perhaps it is referring to Jehovah coming to the aid of Israel during the tribulation.


Jesus was explaining that His 2nd coming would be visible to everyone on Earth, not a secret event as some will claim. He likened it to lightning which, while originating from a specific point in the sky, is visible from almost every direction. Then He said wherever there’s a carcass, the vultures will gather. This was also meant to be an analogy. It really has nothing to do with eagles or vultures or dead bodies. The idea is that if you’re trying to find a dead body on the ground, look for the vultures in the sky. It was a way of saying that although He will be coming to a specific place on Earth, by looking into the sky everyone will be able to see Him.

So let’s put the two ideas together. He’ll be coming from a specific place (Heaven) to a specific place (Earth) but His coming will be visible to everyone who looks up into the sky.