More On Hosea 6 And The 2nd Coming


Re: Hosea 6:2 And The 2nd Coming. I too had thought that Hosea’s 2 days might mean the Lord’s second coming would be after 2000 years. It obviously couldn’t be 2000 years after His birth, but it could be 2000 years after His Ascension, a time that has not yet come. What are your thoughts on this?


The problem is the prophecy doesn’t identify the starting point. Various suggestions I’ve received include His birth, the beginning of His ministry, His death, and the fall of Jerusalem. Each has some merit, but who knows which, if any, is the correct one. And then there’s the issue of the calendar changes I mentioned before. I think it’s much better to keep thinking in the general sense rather than try to pin the prophecy to a specific day. By doing that we can see we’re well within the time frame indicated by the various suggested starting points, and our time on Earth is surely coming to a close.