Destroying Iran?


I just read an interesting article about the possibilities if Israel was allowed to destroy Iran. It would prevent Persia from acting out her role in Gog and Magog for a generation, taking us beyond this generation that shall not pass before the Second Coming. Thus Israel will be prevented, as no nation can foil God’s prophetic word. Do you agree with this writer’s conclusions?


If we’re as close to the end of the age as most people think, then Israel will not be able to stop Iran. Iran is one of history’s most important countries and is clearly mentioned in the Bible as being an end times player. And if God’s perfect time has come, then no nation on Earth will be able to stop Iran from fulfilling its prophetic destiny, which is to be part of the attacking force of Ezekiel 38.

But if Israel or any other country is able to pre-emptively disable Iran before Ezekiel 38 can take place, then we’ll know that we’ve gotten it wrong and we’re not as close to the beginning of the end as we thought.

Such a thing happened in the early 80’s when Israel accidentally discovered a huge cache of Russian weapons in Lebanese storage caves accessible only by submarine. Russia was prepared to destroy Israel using the PLO as its proxy, and came within a whisker of doing so. But God wasn’t ready yet and so it didn’t come off. It took 500 trucks to transfer the captured weapons and ammo to Israel.