Iran’s Latest Threat


There was an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post that Iran has 600 missles pointing at Israel and will be used if either Iran or Syria are attacked, and that this would only be the first response.

I have believed that Isa 17 would be fulfilled before Ez 38, but now I see a possibility that the next major event (from man) could be Ez 38 with Isa 17 following, perhaps even as a response to Ez 38. Does the Bible indicate which comes first on the prophetic calendar?


The Bible doesn’t say which will come first, but if you look at the conditions that must exist before the two prophecies can be fulfilled, it appears that as of today, Isaiah 17 could happen at almost any time, but there are still several conditions that have to be met before Ezekiel 38 can take place.

Some experts think that Iran’s threat is mostly posturing in response to the news that the US had drawn up plans to hit as many as 2000 sites in Iran if it comes to military action. They don’t believe Iran can really back up their claim.