EMP Threat. Follow Up


In your answer to a question about the EMP threat, you wrote: “Because of the catastrophic effect of a successful EMP attack, I don’t believe it will happen before the Rapture of the Church…” Why do you think that? Is God preventing it in His mercy so those who belong to Him don’t have to suffer from such an attack or is there another reason?


I believe the world benefits from the presence of the Church here. One of the ways it benefits is that the catastrophic judgments of the end times are being withheld. In 2 Thes. 2:7 Paul said the restrainer is holding back the power of lawlessness, and I think the restrainer is the Holy Spirit, resident in the Church. After we leave, these catastrophic judgments will be allowed to proceed. A similar situation occurred at the time of the Great Flood when the Holy Spirit was withdrawn before the judgment (Genesis 6:3).