EMP Attack Before The Rapture?


It is widely believed by Bible scholars that an event will take place just prior to the Rapture that will shut down or halt the transportation system, so planes don’t fall from the sky and trains don’t collide into one another because believing pilots and conductors are taken away. Is it possible that the Iranian intention to place surface ships and submarines off our coast is connected to this? They could launch EPM bombs to shut down all electronic devices and cripple our transportation system which is believed to occur just prior to the Rapture.


I haven’t heard anything about our transportation system being shut down prior to the rapture, nor have I read anything about it on other sites I visit, so I’ll have to take your word for it.

An EMP attack off our coast could cause a massive shutdown such as you describe in the US. But if this were to happen in conjunction with the rapture it would have to be world wide because just about every country has air and surface transportation systems. Since there will be Christians raptured from all over the world, the electronics of other countries would have to be taken out as well. That means having Iranian ships off our coast wouldn’t be enough. They would have to be off every country’s coast including their own.