EMP Threat And Consequences


I read often about the threat of EMP attacks and I am curious. We’re told in Revelation there will be certain events – such as the death of the two witnesses and the fall of Babylon – which will be seen “worldwide” – do these prophesies then dispute that such an attack will happen in America since those left behind would obviously not have access to a TV, as would possibly portions of Canada and Mexico?


While it wouldn’t cause many immediate casualties, a successful EMP attack could decimate the US population in a matter of months. Estimates are that 70-90 percent of the current population would be unable to survive in the mid-1800’s standard of living that would result from an EMP attack.

In a worst case scenario, the US would become a sub-third world country with as few as 30 million surviving residents who would exist on what they could grow or barter for. There wouldn’t be any electricity, autos, phones, radio or TV, no food distribution or health services, no gas or oil, no monetary or economic system, and no government. In effect we would cease to be a nation, at least for a while. This is why the President of Iran can say, “Imagine if there was no USA” and be taken seriously.

Because of the catastrophic effect of a successful EMP attack, I don’t believe it will happen before the Rapture of the Church, but it could very well take place during the Great Tribulation when by some accounts 1/2 of the world’s population will die.

The language of Rev. 11:9 does not require for every single person to witness the deaths of the 2 witnesses, only that they would be seen by men from every people, tribe, language, and nation.

The deaths of the 2 witnesses will take place shortly before the Great Tribulation begins. The language of Rev. 18 concerning Babylon’s destruction, which takes place at the end of the Great Tribulation, is even less inclusive.