Did Anyone Ask Me?


I have a question concerning our free will, and God’s foreknowledge about our future. First of all, I know that each one of us comes into this world through our parents. And at the moment of conception we are given a “soul” by God (not by our will, but His will). The question I have is, was I really given a choice to either exist or not exist? Would any part of this decision have been mine?


I assume you’re talking about a physical existence. To make the choice to have a physical existence, you would need to have existed in some conscious form before you were conceived.

This view is not accepted in Christianity.  We believe after God created Adam and Eve, He delegated the creation process to  them and through them to all humanity (Genesis 1:28),  We call this procreation.  It means to produce a child, or bring it into being.

Therefore, neither God nor you decided whether you would exist.  Your parents made that decision.  Knowing the end from the beginning, God simply knew it would happen beforehand.

So your choice is not whether you would have a physical life.  Your choice is whether you will have eternal life.  You inherit eternal life by being born again as a child of God (John 1:12-13, John 3:3), and you do that by choosing to believe that God sent His Son to Earth to die for all your sins so you could live in eternity with Him (John 3:16).