Did I Have A Demonic Talent?


I’d like your advice on an issue I’m facing. For most of my life I was involved with occult practices like tarot card reading and spell casting. As a nominal Christian at the time, I saw nothing wrong with this behavior.
During that time frame when I was into the occult, I literally developed a talent for writing out of the blue. I became very prolific and often worked on three or four stories at one time. I wasn’t looking to become a writer or anything, it just happened.

Well, just over a year ago the Lord opened my eyes and I realized I had to stop all the tarot card readings and whatnot – it wasn’t pleasing to him. And only then did I notice – I mean, really, truly notice – that many occult and new age opinions, or practices, or just mentions of those things had been featured in some of my stories all along (I can be very dense at times).

So I’m no longer a ‘closet Wiccan’, but I would like to start writing again. But I can’t write anything! I’m not sure if it’s writer’s block or if it’s because demons had given me the ability to write. Or if it’s because I’m scared to open my mind up to imagination in case those pesky demons try to find a way in again. You know, the verse about the demons leaving and coming back with ones that are seven times worse plays a lot in my mind. I’m very frustrated. Any thoughts you have would be quite welcome! Thank you!!


Gifts come from God, not Satan. All Satan can do is manipulate you into using your gifts for the wrong reason. When you discover what he’s doing and stop, he can then make you afraid of using them for the right reason, which is what’s happening.

In the story about the evil spirit being cast out of a man and returning (Matt. 12:43-45) notice that when the evil spirit returned he found the “house” empty. The Lord’s point was that if you don’t find another occupant, the evil spirit will return and bring his friends with him.

It’s interesting that in the context of the story the evil spirit was their religious work and the other occupant He was referring to was Himself. If they didn’t replace their own never-ending works with faith in His completed work they would become even more enslaved to their religion.

Having replaced your evil spirit with a love for the Lord, you don’t have to worry about it returning. You have a new occupant. If you resist the devil he’ll flee from you (James 4:7).