Did Speaking In Tongues End Or Not?


The gifts of the Spirit in the Bible lists speaking in tongues. Why do only Charismatic type churches practice this gift. Most other churches say it ended, I am confused. Where does it say it ended. The Bible does not say the other gifts ended, why that one?


The argument over spiritual gifts is man-made and can not be justified Biblically. Every born again Christian has at least one Spiritual Gift. The problem started when theologians first took emotional positions either for or against them and then looked for Biblical confirmation to support their positions.

Pentecostals, of which Charismatics are a subset, are wrong to insist that the gift of tongues is mandatory evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This position has forced many thousands into false manifestations of the gift of tongues in order to avoid embarrassment and explains why nearly all Charismatics appear to have the gift of tongues.

Evangelicals are wrong to insist that Spiritual gifts were only given to the Apostolic (1st Century) Church. As a result, most of their members don’t even look for their gifts, and others are forced to suppress theirs.

Paul chastised the early church regarding both these positions and clearly explained the purpose and function of spiritual gifts. (1 Cor. 12-14) But both groups are now “married” to positions that can’t be supported Biblically, and as a consequence, very few are seeking the truth about one of the great blessings bestowed upon the Church.