More On Speaking In Tongues


I have always heard that speaking in tongues in the evidence of the baptism of the holy spirit. My Mother has never spoke in tongues but I am sure she is spirit filled. I know she is very shy and feels people are always looking down on her. Because of her my brother and sister are saved along with many of my extended family on my fathers side. She wants to have a prayer language. Also I cannot find the verse in the bible that states that speaking in tongues is evidence. Thank you so much for your help on this. I love reading your website. It has been alot of help to me.


You can’t find the verse because there is no Biblical support for the opinion that speaking in tongues is the only acceptable evidence for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In the most comprehensive discussion on Spiritual gifts in the Bible (1 Cor. 12 -14) Paul made it plain that the Holy Spirit gives His gifts to believers as He determines for the good of the entire body. He specifically said that not all would speak in tongues.

There is also no support for the idea that the so-called prayer language is a manifestation of the gift of tongues, since its use is inconsistent with Paul’s instructions on the proper use of tongues. Prayer language cannot be interpreted, even by the person uttering it, and therefore its use is not edifying to the body. To the extent that it’s legitimate, it’s intended as a private communication between the spirit of the believer and the Spirit of God and should be exercised only in a believer’s private prayers.